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On this special day, today is my birthday.

I've have gotten some nice gifts from my family, mostly just gift cards so that I'm prepared for Black Friday sales, I'm looking forward to see what's on sale on that day.

Recently I've beaten Demon's Souls for the first time with my Royalty character, I was so happy to have beaten a game that's considered to be hard by many people who are new to the game.
It's actually not that hard, it's actually has some old school gameplay mechanics back in the 8-bit and 16-bit era of gaming.
There's your cheap deaths that can be easily avoided, enemy placement which you can take them out if you attack them from long range or take a alternative path, and of course being patient is important if you want the good loot, you don't want to get too greedy and be overwhelmed easily.

I do like the worlds in Demon's Souls, it's very interesting on what each world is like.
Boletarian Palace is the first world which is a huge castle to explore, fire breathing dragons to slay, a 30-foot tall knight in armor with a sheild that covers his body well, blood thirsty mad soldiers whose out for souls, and a false king who has gone mad and gotten drunk on greed for souls.

Stonefang Tunnel, a bit minning facility with boiling lava, angry miners, explosive bugs, a mechanical spider that shoots flames, a huge pit where you have to find the safest landing spot, a burning 10-foot tall demon that uses explosive punches and leaps at you with burning anger, and a Dragon God who lives in a temple to keep it trapped in there.

Tower of Latria, starts off as a prison, has patrolling octopus head guards that can cast terrible magic spells, a singing lady, then we come across a bridge with a giant sentry that continuously shoots arrows until the lever is pulled to shut it down, a chapel with a false idol that is being worshipped by the prisoners, gotta kill the prisoner at the right hallway at the top to stop reviving their false idol.
Gargoyles take you to the next area after the boss fight, at the tower with pillars, bridges, and stairways in a gothic architecture, kill some more prisoners that's casting a magic spell that's keeping the chain in place.
Then meet Yurt the Silent Cheif, free him and kill him, use the cage to travel all the way down into a swamp filled area with red tentacles swaying about with Man Centipede that makes these roaring noises.
More exploring, kill the prisoners that's keeping the chain in place again, chain breaks loose and a giant demonic heart falls down and more Man Centipede appears from it... Gross.
Go up a long stairway, used my bow and arrows behind the fog gate and took pot shots at the Maneater boss for a easy victory, enter the fog gate and killed the other Maneater and went up the tower to face the Old Monk.
The Old Monk summons a Black Phantom to fight with a yellow custard tornado wrapped on it's face and used as a hat. Yup something silly to wear to break away from the seriousness of Demon's Souls, take a look.…

Shine of Storms, SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS THAT COMES ROLLING AT YOU! SLASH AND CHOP IS WHAT THEY DO, TO STEAL YOUR SOULS TONIGHT! got my revenge against the Vangurad, got a easy victory against the Adjudicator boss fight, sniped a grim reaper with my bow and sending all the other ghosts under his control to rest.
Enter a tunnel full of giant slugs, then faced the blind Old Hero boss fight, another easy victory, then to fight a giganitic flying manta ray goes by the name Storm King that sends it's minions at you.
Pulled a sword from the ground and used that to summon powerful lighting strikes from the sky and slayed all of the Storm King's minions, he comes flying at me but I shocked it with my lighting sword, another easy victory.

Valley Of Defilement, a land that's full of diseases, the plauge, a huge poisoned swamp, a terribly built shanty town that's it's mostly collapsing apart, and diseased filled people.
A giant that's covered in leeches, use fire to win, exploring through the thick swamp, moving very slowly in it with some land to walk on at least.
Some crazed swamp hag that weilds a gigantic meat cleaver, rolls in the swap like it was nothing, appears out of nowhere, giant mosquitoes that wants to suck and spit blood at you, then face the Dirty Colossus, it sends man eating flies at you, go to a torch to get rid of them, slay that gigantic monster.
Now we've enter into the most depressing part of the game, enter the fog gate, you'll see the villagers worshipping for Maiden Astraea, slay them all, accidentally fall into the swamp, OH FUCK! PLAGUE BABIES! These demons don't fuck around, somehow made it out alive, Then I faced Maiden Astraea's bodyguard, Garl Vinland and his huge ass club, the Bramd.
It was a stuggle in such a tight space, I killed him, walked up to Maiden Astraea, she killed herself and gave up the demon soul, it's sad on what Maiden Astraea had to do to help these poor people in a land full of diseases.

But yeah I like the game for what it is. The lore and story is nicely done, and gameplay is the best part, I love it for a lot on what it done in that area.
Now I'm playing the game as a Barbarian character for a bit more of a challenge, just to see how much I know about that game.

So yeah, it was a pretty good birthday so far, I enjoyed that gifts that my family gave me, and I hope everyone has a nice day.

And to Paris:

Paris, mon coeur est brisé pour vous. Canada se reste debout avec vous.

Paris, my heart is broken for you. Canada stands with you.
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thank you for the points :heart:
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You're welcome :).
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happy birthday :)
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Your request is coming along fine. Just gotta iron out my rough sketch a bit.
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shifter124 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Please forgive the earliness of this: Happy B-day.:happybounce: 
joeman999 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you, already my birthday is off to a good start.
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